January 25, 2018

Our historical block data became corrupted (only relating to it's display on this website), data for all blocks after April 1st, 2017 were lost. They will be restored to the data set ASAP.

Type Value
Node Efficiency
Fee For Node Use (1% node fee, 1% dev donation)
Node Hash Rate
Pool Hash Rate
Network Hash Rate* 60516.864 PH/s
Node Shares
Pool Node Peers /
Bitcoin Node Peers*
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Type Value
Bitcoin Block Height* 0
Next Difficulty @ Block* 2,015
Bitcoin Difficulty* 0
Avg. Time Between Last 10 Blocks* 00:00
Pool Time Between Blocks
Node Time Between Shares
Node Uptime
Sever Uptime* 363 days, 15:08
Bitcoin Address Hashrate DOA Hashrate DOA % Expected Payout